Recycle Garbage Can: Which Is The Best For You?

recycle garbage can

Recycle garbage cans have transformed from just containers for all your trash to compatible masterpieces that make waste management more sustainable. Today, it is easy to find a recycle and trash can that perfectly serves the intended purpose and provides clear differentiation of your waste.

Modern trash bin manufacturers know differentiation is crucial in reducing recycling contamination and curbing landfill disposals that eat into our environment. Manufacturers have also incorporated materials and designs that encourage eco-friendliness and fit diverse settings.

So whether you want waste receptacles for a hospital environment, office, or home, rest assured you’ll find one up your alley. You only need to understand the type of waste you’re dealing with, the relevant waste management restrictions, and the functionality of available trash can options.

How Do You Intend To Use Your Garbage And Trash Can?

Every garbage bin you encounter will lend itself best to different applications, conditions, locations, and more. However, you don’t want to place a highly flammable material near your fireplace or have a bin in a medical environment that neglects OSHA standards for the safe containment of infectious waste.

Understanding the intended purpose will help you decide the best garbage tin material, color, shape, and size. Here’s how.

Choose a Suitable Material

The purpose of your trash can informs you of the best material to look for. Also, consider where in your house or compound you want to place the bins to ensure the material you choose withstands harsh weather conditions.

If you’re looking for outdoor waste collection options, consider study materials such as concrete and metal that are durable and resistant to wear and tear. In fact, metallic recycling and trash cans are the best choices in break rooms, offices, or kitchens where foodstuff may be present due to their ease of cleaning.

Like metal and concrete, plastic recycle bins are resistant to most wear and tear and look more fashionable. Besides, these bins are lighter and easy to handle. However, there may be better kitchen or food waste preferences as plastic may prove a hurdle to clean later on. Plastic is also more likely to absorb odors, not to mention its susceptibility to harsh weather conditions.  

Consider the Functionality

recycle and trash can

Modern waste receptacles are lockable and offer several compartments to help classify your waste. They can also be customized to your brand or house décor. So, if you want one for a hospital setting, don’t settle for less than a bin with step-activation and suitable color code and labeling for different waste types.

Similarly, you can acquire an automatic trash bin with smart sensors that detect motion and capacity. It opens-up when it detects you are approaching, so your disposal experience will be hands-free. Smart bins also have a solar compactor that compresses the trash and sends a capacity notification via SMS or mail.

What’s more? Lockable shed bins enable you to safely clear your desk of trash documents before shredding them. These and other types of recycle garbage can be wall-mounted, which is an excellent way to encourage proper waste separation and optimize space utilization.

Most notably, waste containers come in one or more compartments to help you sort out your waste, reduce landfill disposals, and make life easier for the dedicated team at diversion organic waste facilities. For example, the quad-stream recycling bin has four compartments, making it easy to segregate degenerative, non-degenerative, organic, and recyclable waste.

Function Meets Aesthetic

Personal taste and preferences should also be a factor when choosing the best recycle garbage can to give it a statement and uniformity. Choose a size and shape that best serves your purpose and encourages proper waste management and eco-friendliness. You want to avoid a small-sized waste bin that fills so quickly or has a funny shape that eats unnecessary space and blocks a crucial pathway.

If you must use a large-size recycle and trash can, let it have wheels and handles to facilitate handling and collection.

Recycle Garbage Can Colors and Their Meaning

recycle garbage can colors

Color coding is standard in recycle garbage cans, enhancing effective waste management. While no national law dictates the use of color for specific waste types, states have developed local regulations requiring haulers to classify waste to reduce landfill organic waste.

Consequently, using colors like blue, red, yellow, white, and green has become second nature in waste classification. That is not to say you must compromise your house theme or company brand when selecting your preferred waste receptacle. Feel free to choose a can of your liking and have it labeled clearly on the intended use.

Below are common recycle tin colors used for different waste categories:

  1. Green waste containers: Green trash cans symbolize any waste directly sourced from a plant, so they are primarily used to dispose of organic materials such as food leftovers, fruits, prunings, coffee grounds, veggies, etc.
  2. Blue recycle bins: The blue color symbolizes life and should reflect waste that can help save the ecosystem and, in particular, the wildlife. Common waste in these containers is organics and may include cardboard, bottles, cans, plastic, and paper-based material. 
  3. Red recycle garbage can: Red means danger, and garbage cans using this color are regarded as rejecting dustbins and are mostly packed with non-biodegradable non-recyclable waste. If you spot one in a hospital, it may store hazardous or contaminated biomedical wastes.
  4. Yellow recycle and trash can: The yellow color in a dustbin shows a more encompassing container where you can place multi-material waste. For example, a multi-material juice carton or milk container belongs to the yellow bin, as do aluminum cans, newspapers, and glass bottles.
  5. White recycling bins: They are associated with soft plastic waste materials such as cling wraps, plastic bags, confectionary bags, biscuit packets, and more.

Let Your Trash Bin Reflect Your Eco-Awareness

Your choice of waste receptacles should help reduce the chances of littering in your building and promote responsible waste management habits like eco-friendly recycling. Moreover, your bin should be a statement of what you stand for regarding the environment. The materials, functionality, and aesthetics should be eco-friendly and complement your style, theme, and brand. Search for the perfect waste receptacles from dealers offering the best trash cans and recycling options.