Sensitive to Chemicals? Check Out These 10 Non-Toxic Clothing Brands

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These days, numerous chemicals and additives are being used in everything from food and soft drinks to dyes, detergents, and fabrics. As such, it’s no wonder that consumers everywhere are finding that they’re allergic or sensitive to more and more products.

When it comes to clothing causing itching or rashes, generally our first instinct is to change detergents but when that doesn’t help, we’re left with one option – changing brands. Unfortunately, finding a suitable alternative can be a game of Russian roulette. And an expensive one at that.

Whether you have a new allergy or you’re just looking for alternatives that use non-toxic materials and manufacturing, we’ve got the brands you should check out. Take a few minutes to read this over and you could save yourself a lot of time, money, and frustration, not to mention itching and rashes.

Check ‘em out.

1. Organic Basic

With everything from Okeo-Tex-certified bras and men’s underwear to great-looking dresses, Organic Basic is a great place to start. They pledge to be both Earth and people-friendly and they only partner with factories that do the same, and they carefully choose eco-friendly materials and fabrics.

2. Harvest & Mill

Not only do they use dye-free, GOTS-certified organic cotton, but they also despise azo dyes (see their website for more insight on this). They offer 100% carbon-neutral, natural earth-tone colored clothing as well as options made with non-toxic dyes. You can find non-toxic loungewear, great work-from-home outfits, and other basic attire. Additionally, they continue their sustainability pledge by using plastic-free packaging and shipping materials that are reusable, recyclable, and easily compostable.

3. Danu Organic

Sarah Danu started Danu Organic out of her own need for clothes that wouldn’t aggravate her autoimmune sensitivities. This brand really understands what customers care about, offering a selection that prioritizes natural dyes and no dye options, alongside a commitment to avoiding plastics. What’s more, they’re super transparent, detailing the journey of each fabric from field to fashion—covering a range of items like soft undergarments, cozy tees, tanks, and pants that you’ll actually want to wear.

4. Paka

On the lookout for eco-fashion that respects age-old practices? Paka is your go-to. Imagine slipping into a soft sweater made with natural alpaca fiber—unbelievably cozy and untouched by dyes—or maybe something adorned with eco-friendly colors that meet the toughest global standards. Even cooler is the personal touch: every article of clothing comes with a bit of its creator’s soul, thanks to unique hand-crafted additions that tell a story. Wrap yourself in knitwear sporting designs inspired by the rich Inca heritage, resulting in a wardrobe that’s not only safer for your skin but also kind to Mother Earth and supportive of long-standing cultural craftsmanship. Trust me, Paka’s threads have rescued my own feet from winter’s chill, and I’m all in for their mission and style.

5. Chosenwoven

If you’re looking for some great lingerie, Chosenwoven is the place to visit. These pieces aren’t just kind to your skin; they’re a dream for anyone conscious about their health and the planet. Their state-of-the-art methods transform wool into an ultra-soft material that feels like a gentle hug. Plus, Chosenwoven’s commitment to zero waste means every stitch is made with purpose. They steer clear of harsh chemicals, opting instead for natural dyes that won’t harm you or the environment. So, for those with delicate skin, Chosenwoven isn’t just a choice, it’s the answer to your prayers.

6. Groceries Apparel

Crack open a package from Groceries Apparel and your nose is gonna thank you. You catch a whiff of something down-to-earth, kinda like fresh veggies—it’s because they’re all-in on using veggie dyes to color their clothes. These guys are crafting their threads in downtown L.A., flipping organic hemp and cotton into the trendiest pieces you’ll want in your closet year-round. No weird chemicals hiding in your garments or the making of ’em, either. And if you’re curious about how it all goes down, hit up their site. They dish out all the deets on how they work their eco-friendly magic.

7. Mate the Label

Mate the Label steps it up in the eco-friendly fashion game, flaunting its B-corp certification like a badge of honor. Say goodbye to the fears of harsh chemicals as Mate works sans plastic and stays clear of any toxic dyes in their clothing production. Thinking of going green with your wardrobe? Their use of all-natural materials – think Tencel, the softest organic fleece, and pure organic cotton – will have you covered. The real kicker? They’ve ditched more than a whopping 49 dye nasties and over 31 unwanted chemicals in their manufacturing processes. Not just that, when you’re browsing through their online store, they give you the complete lowdown on the factories they use, certifications up their sleeve, and the nitty-gritty on the fabrics for each piece of clothing. From chill loungewear to classy outerwear, their styles are as enduring as their commitment to the planet.

8. Christy Dawn

Looking for dresses that will make you fall in love all over again, without any of those nasty chemicals? Look no further. Christy Dawn’s collection isn’t just limited to these timeless pieces—they’re something worth talking about. This brand is big on using dyes that come from nature or are certified organic, and they focus on creating clothes that stand the test of time instead of chasing after the latest fad. When you pick up something from Christy Dawn, you’re investing in a style that lasts, and you can see the quality in every stitch.

9. Aya

Aya is all about giving a nod to Peruvian traditions with their wallet-friendly fashion options. They’ve got a lineup featuring the cream of the crop—seriously, they use top-notch organic Pima cotton that’s gotten the GOTS seal of approval and no bad stuff added. But wait, there’s more: they’re also big on using royal alpaca wool. And get this, they color their fabrics using dyes that are really gentle on our planet. Aya’s clothes are super soft, fit great, and are perfect for your day-to-day hustle, all while doing their bit to cut down on the microplastic mess we’re all trying to clean up.

10. Nia Thomas

Lastly, for those on the hunt for chic, eco-conscious festival wear that feels as good as it looks, Nia Thomas should be your next stop. Dive into their collection and discover the magic of cellulose fibers, buttery cashmere, and the plushness of tanguis cotton, all brought to life with dyes derived directly from Mother Nature’s palette. The lineup is a true feast for the senses, boasting an array of hand-stitched dresses, woven tops, crocheted skirts, and essential basics that come in a spectrum of earthy tones and vibrant colors. Each piece is more than just clothing—it’s wearable art that respects your skin and the environment.

In wrapping up our rundown of the top eco-friendly clothing brands, it’s clear that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable. These trailblazing companies are proving that you can rock the latest trends while holding onto your green ethos tightly. So next time you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe, consider investing in pieces from these brands that help protect our planet and keep you looking sharp.