How David Hasselhoff Helps Fight Climate Change with Games

david hasselhoff make green tuesday moves

In an unprecedented move, Hollywood icon David Hasselhoff has partnered with the gaming industry to combat climate change. The initiative, known as Make Green Tuesday Moves (MGTM), spearheaded by the not-for-profit organization PlanetPlay, aims to leverage the massive influence and reach of video games to support sustainability projects. This collaboration marks a significant step in the fight against climate change, demonstrating how the entertainment industry can play a crucial role in addressing global environmental challenges.

The Hoff Joins the Fight Against Climate Change

David Hasselhoff, renowned for his roles in “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch,” has become the face of MGTM, a movement that encourages gamers to contribute to environmental causes through in-game purchases and participation. By featuring exclusive green items and content inspired by The Hoff, the initiative aims to engage millions of players worldwide in climate action.

How MGTM Works

MGTM operates by integrating sustainability-focused digital content into popular video games. Starting July 2, 2024, participating games will offer special green items, such as character skins and in-game assets, featuring David Hasselhoff. The proceeds from these digital sales will be funneled into certified sustainability projects via PlanetPlay’s eco-donate platform.

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Participating Games and Studios

The list of games participating in MGTM is extensive, including titles such as:

  • Avakin Life by Lockwood Publishing
  • Bowling Club by Boombit
  • Car Driving School by Boombit
  • Cook & Merge by Supersolid
  • Crazy Defence Heroes by Animoca Brands
  • Darts Club by Boombit
  • Dawn Of Ages by Boombit
  • Fishing Clash by Ten Square Games
  • Hunt Royale by Boombit
  • Nitro Nation by CM Games
  • Peridot by Niantic
  • Piper Pets Cafe by Tripledot
  • Solitaire by Tripledot
  • Subway Surfers by SYBO
  • The Great Ocean by Actrio
  • Tile Dynasty by Tripledot
  • Top Drives by Hutch
  • Train Station 2 by Pixel Federation
  • Triple Tile by Tripledot
  • Wooduku by Tripledot

These games collectively reach over 36 million daily players and have been downloaded more than 4 billion times, making them a powerful platform for promoting environmental sustainability.

The Impact of MGTM

MGTM’s approach to fighting climate change is innovative and impactful. By turning everyday gaming into an opportunity for environmental activism, the initiative encourages players to contribute to real-world sustainability projects. Some of the key projects supported by MGTM include:

  • The Hongera Project: Aims to improve living conditions in Kenya by manufacturing and distributing clean cookstoves.
  • The WAI Wanaka Water Conservation Project: Focuses on protecting water resources in New Zealand.

The Role of the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has a unique ability to reach and influence a vast audience. With over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, the potential for positive impact is immense. PlanetPlay’s initiative harnesses this power by integrating green content into popular games, thus raising awareness and driving contributions to sustainability projects.

Google Play’s Support

Google is also backing MGTM by featuring the initiative on the Google Play Store from July 2-15 across all English-speaking territories. This support ensures that millions of gamers can easily access and participate in the movement.

David Hasselhoff’s Commitment

David Hasselhoff’s involvement in MGTM is a testament to his commitment to environmental causes. In his own words:

“As someone who has spent years entertaining audiences around the world, I know the power of influence. Climate change isn’t just a distant threat; it’s here and now. By joining the Make Green Tuesday Moves initiative, we can turn our everyday gaming into a force for good. Let’s make every play for our planet. Together, we can create a legacy of sustainability for future generations. Stay cool, stay green, and make a difference!”

PlanetPlay’s Vision

PlanetPlay, the first climate-conscious games marketplace, envisions a world where gaming can drive significant positive change. By partnering with leading game studios, PlanetPlay aims to mobilize players in support of the planet. The organization has already driven over $2.2 million in climate project funding in its first year and continues to develop new initiatives to further its mission.

How We Can Help

The challenges posed by climate change are critical and demand immediate action. By supporting initiatives like MGTM, we can all play a part in creating a sustainable future. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Join MGTM: Participate in the movement by playing games that support the initiative and purchasing green items.
  • Raise Awareness: Share information about MGTM and PlanetPlay with friends and family to spread the word.
  • Support Sustainability Projects: Contribute to environmental projects directly through PlanetPlay’s eco-donate platform.


The collaboration between David Hasselhoff and the gaming industry through MGTM represents a powerful alliance in the fight against climate change. By leveraging the vast reach of video games, this initiative not only raises awareness but also provides tangible support for sustainability projects worldwide. As gamers, we have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the environment, turning our passion for gaming into a force for good.