10 Green Products We LOVE for Summer 2023

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Earlier this week, we started scouring the web for some eco-friendly products that you probably haven’t heard about, and man-oh-man were we pleasantly surprised. We found LOADS of them!! No matter what your plans are for this summer, this list is virtually guaranteed to have something you’ll love.

Especially if you’re all about “thinking green.”

Before you head off to the beach or pile in the car for a long vacation road trip, take a look at these green products we found and love.

1. Unocup

Okay, coffee is a mainstay for millions upon millions of people and it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you want it to stay hot. UNOCUP is a revolutionary take on the paper coffee cup, created to be reused instead of thrown away. It solves three major issues – keeping your hot drinks warm for longer, having a container that is convenient to carry, and reducing waste.

It was launched through Kickstarter with the goal of raising $18,000 in funding but they quickly sprinted past that and are closing in on doubling it.

It’s THAT cool!

The cup is made from 100% recyclable material, so it won’t add to the already-massive amount of paper coffee cups thrown away every day. It features a double wall construction which keeps your hot drinks warm for twice as long compared to regular paper cups; no more cold coffee or tea when you get to your destination.

It also folds up for easy and convenient transportation, so you can keep it in your pocket or purse when not in use. The clever design means that there’s no need to carry multiple cups with you when you’re on the go; just fold Unocup up and put it away until your next cup of coffee.

UNOCUP is the perfect green product for those summer road trips when you need something to transport your hot coffee in and don’t want to add to the waste problem. It’s a great alternative to disposable cups, and its clever design makes it a must-have item in any eco-friendly lifestyle.

2. Gomi Speaker

Another great green product we love is Gomi Speaker. It stands out for its cool design and innovative use of waste materials to create something that’s both functional and stylish.

The Gomi Speaker is a wireless Bluetooth speaker powered by recycled plastic bags, giving you the opportunity to listen to your favorite music while helping reduce plastic waste. It’s made through a process of melting down the bags and molding them into a unique shape that fits comfortably in your hand.

The speaker also features recycled leather trims to reduce waste and is powered by recycled batteries, so you can feel good about your purchase. It’s also water-resistant and dust-proof, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as camping or beach trips.

The Gomi Speaker is a great green product to have on hand this summer, especially if you love to listen to music in the great outdoors. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your tunes while helping reduce waste and saving energy at the same time.

3. You NEED This Phat Tommy Patio Furniture

We all want to make our outdoor areas look great and this Patio Furniture from Phat Tommy is a must-have. Not only does it look amazing and add a touch of style to your patio, but it’s also eco-friendly.

It’s made from 100% recycled plastic, making it much more durable than regular wood furniture. The plastic is also UV-resistant and won’t fade in the sun like other materials. It’s a great alternative to traditional wood furniture that will last for years without any maintenance needed.

Plus, it comes with an amazing 10-year warranty so you can be sure it will stand the test of time. Not only does this patio furniture look great, but it’s also eco-friendly and built to last. That’s why it’s a must-have for any outdoor area!

4. All-Natural Sunscreen

We love Reef Sunscreen’s all-natural and biodegradable sun protection. This sunscreen is made with natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin while still offering powerful protection against the sun’s damaging rays. It also contains added Vitamin E to help nourish and repair your skin after exposure to harsh UV radiation.

Reef Sunscreen is a great choice for summer because it’s reef-safe and biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment when you go for a swim or snorkel. Plus, it’s designed to be easily absorbed into your skin so that you can enjoy the sunshine without any greasy residue or white marks. We love Reef Sunscreen for its natural ingredients, biodegradable formula, and added Vitamin E to help nourish and repair your skin. It’s the perfect green product you need this summer.

5. You Still Gotta Shave

Summer may offer some downtime but for the most part, we still have to keep those faces, pits, legs, and other areas shaved. That’s where Bambaw’s Eco-Friendly Safety Razor comes in. This razor is made from stainless steel and natural bamboo for a sleek, minimalist look. It’s perfect for those looking to reduce their plastic waste and it comes with five blades that are easy to replace when needed.

Plus, the long handle gives you plenty of control when shaving, allowing you to get a close shave without irritation. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to switch from disposable razors and start reducing their plastic waste.

6. Towels That Help Save Fishies

We love Sand Cloud’s towels for their innovative mission to support marine conservation. All of their towels are made from high-quality Turkish cotton that is incredibly soft and absorbent, perfect for any beach day or summer adventure.

But the best part about these towels is what they stand for: every purchase from them helps to fund projects and organizations dedicated to protecting marine life. So you can feel good about your purchase knowing that you’re helping save fishies every time you use it.

These towels come in a variety of colors and patterns so you can show off your style while doing something positive for the environment. Sand Cloud’s towels are a great way to help support marine conservation this summer and look great while doing it!

7. Your Futures So Bright…

You GOTTA wear shades, especially in the summer. Instead of grabbing yet another pair from the convenience store or souvenir shop, order an eco-friendly pair from Solo Eyewear.

Solo Eyewear specializes in creating affordable, eco-friendly sunglasses. They use recycled and repurposed materials to create stylish shades with minimal environmental impact. Plus, they have a unique mission: every pair of glasses you buy from them helps fund eye exams and surgeries for those in need. So not only are you helping the environment, but you’re also making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Solo Eyewear’s mission is to make stylish and eco-friendly sunglasses that are accessible to everyone. They offer a variety of styles to suit any taste and budget so you can look great while doing something good for the planet this summer. Whether you’re headed to the beach, pool, or park, Solo Eyewear’s sunglasses are a great eco-friendly choice!

8. Stay Cool In The Sun

We all know that it gets hot in the summer, so stay cool with this amazing solar fan from NF Powered. This fan is powered by efficient solar energy, making it an eco-friendly choice for keeping your home or outdoor space cool. It can be easily mounted on the wall and comes with a remote control to adjust the speed and direction of the fan.

Plus, it’s constructed from recyclable materials and features an adjustable stand so you can angle it to direct the airflow exactly where you want it. This smart solar fan is a great way to keep your home feeling cool and comfortable while also reducing energy costs and helping the environment. It’s the perfect eco-friendly choice for staying cool this summer!

9. Charge Up In Style

Keep your devices charged and ready for action without using any electricity with the BigBlue Foldable Solar Charger. This charger is made from highly efficient SunPower solar cells that are capable of charging up to three devices at once. It’s waterproof and dustproof so you don’t have to worry about damaging it out in the elements.

Plus, it’s foldable and lightweight so you can take it with you wherever you go.

The BigBlue Foldable Solar Charger is the perfect eco-friendly choice for keeping your devices charged this summer. Just set it up in the sun and let the solar cells do their magic! It’s an innovative way to stay connected while also helping the environment at the same time.

So don’t let limited energy sources keep you from enjoying your summer adventures—get out there and stay powered up with the BigBlue Foldable Solar Charger! It’s an amazing way to help reduce your carbon footprint and keep your devices charged all summer long.

10. Expand Up Your Garden

Gardening is a great way to relax, get creative, and make a positive impact on the environment. That’s why we love the Aerogarden for helping people grow healthy, organic plants right in their homes.

The Aerogarden is a self-watering indoor garden with built-in LED lighting and a 7-pod seed kit that makes it easy to start your own garden. It’s perfect for first-time gardeners since it does all the hard work for you with its automated system. Plus, it’s made from recyclable materials and uses minimal energy so you can be sure that your garden is helping the environment too.

The Aerogarden is the perfect way to add a little greenery to your home this summer while also doing something positive for the environment. So get growing and start enjoying the sights and smells of your own organic garden!

With a wide range of eco-friendly products available, it’s easy to make sustainable choices this summer. From sunscreen and reusable razors to solar chargers and ice packs, there are plenty of green products to help make your summer a little greener. Whether you’re planning outdoor activities, packing for a vacation, or just looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact, these sustainable products can help. So get out there and enjoy the summer while helping the environment!